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PCGS Professional Grading & Authentication of Rare Australian Coinage

I address my letter to all current and potential clients of RE Fahy Pty Ltd, trading as The Right Note (TRN). Collectors that purchased goods from The Rare Coin Company (in liquidation) should pay particular attention. The Rare Coin Company (TRCC) trading from 1989 to 2013, trading/selling rare coinage whether Australian or International coinage would […]

Australian Numismatic Release-Australian Media Release

From: RE Fahy Pty Ltd-Trading as The Right Note. Richard E. Fahy. Managing Director. Subject: Economic Analysts Call of Australia’s One Hundred Dollar banknote to be scrapped. As Australia’s leading on-line International numismatic dealership @ established in 1995. I thought it appropriate, to offer my expert opinion on the current debate, on withdrawing the […]

Counterfeit Australian Banknotes and Coins

From The Desk of Richard Edward Fahy Newsletter Number 2/2016. Date: 1 August 2016. Subject: Counterfeit Australian Banknotes and Coins   To all valued clients, I write my latest newsletter focusing on counterfeit Australian banknotes & coins. Circa 1911-2014. My attachments are comical at the very least, as you will soon discover by my description […]

Australia’s Most Asked Question on Decimal Paper Banknotes

The question most asked by email or telephone is, what is my banknote collection worth? With 21 years’ experience we know these questions. These are the most asked questions, it is always interesting to learn the history and current price of your decimal banknote portfolio. We have solved the problem, an easy and quick calculator […]

Learn to grade polymer banknotes, take the guess work out of your next purchase

AUSTRALIAN POLYMER BANKNOTES-GRADING AND CONDITION Grading of Polymer Banknotes varies from that of grading Paper Banknotes. The grade or condition of a banknote was a matter of opinion more than an exact science in relation to Paper Banknotes. Polymer Banknotes becomes more of a science, than opinion for a number of reasons that I will […]

The Right Note Assists Clients of The Rare Coin Company

Richard Fahy The Right Note

Rare Australian Banknote and Coin Portfolio Valuations The Rare Coin Companys’ liquidation has left many collectors/investors in an adverse financial situation. Portfolios true values need to be re‑established.   The Right Note (established 1995) is one of Australia’s leading numismatics dealers. We have an extensive range of rare coins and banknotes online and even more offline. Many former customers […]