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From the Desk
Richard Edward Fahy

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Dear Clients.

Subject: A Full Reproduction of a PCGS Graded Authenticated & Slabbed Coin.


The below listed example is how your new slabbed coin will look after PCGS full grading & slabbing.

The Right Note (TRN) policy will only accept rare Australian/International Coins for sale on that have been graded by PCGS, over a value of $10.000.00.

Looking at our reproduction of a PCGS coin below, as opposed to what is currently on offer through Australian dealers presented in cardboard sleeves with little provenance, there can be no comparison.

Every rare Australian coin in TRN inventory, with vendor approval, will undergo this process via PCGS.

Please think of your investment that in many cases has been sold to you, by the company The Rare Coin Company (in liquidation).

From my research, every coin not already graded by PCGS, needs to be to be re-graded. We encourage all customers with unverified rare coins to employ TRN’s Platinum PCGS grading service.

Spending from $10K to $225K on coins in cardboard sleeves from Australian dealers is not acceptable to the international numismatic market.

Please look to the PCGS finally presented coin, beautifully finished, then look at your coin have you received value for money? You will only know when TRN complete full research and grading.

Kind regards,
R. E. Fahy
Managing Director the Right Note

pcgs sample slabbed coin