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To All Clients of TRN/Australian Numismatic Newsletter. 1st July 2021.

From the Desk of Richard Edward Fahy

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Australian Numismatic Newsletter: Number: 002/07/2021.

Subject: Investing & Collecting in Australian/International Coins/Currency.

To all clients of The Right Note. This is our Second Newsletter for 2021. In my Newsletter for July 2021, I would like to discuss the happenings of Australian sales of both Banknotes & Coins.

Consigning Your Stock Has Never Been Easier via Sales systems of “Manage Offers”.

A Year in Review 2021.

From any point of view 2021 with the end of our Financial Year just finished, with a Financial Year commenced. Serving the Australian/International Numismatic market for 26 years, I have been able to navigate TRN into 2021, with success. Direct sales through TRN rose by 40% over the same period. For clients thinking of selling or purchasing your Portfolio into the future. Think of Australia’s leading International Numismatic Dealer.

The Australian Numismatic market through 2020/2021, has seen  Australian Auction house sales reaching the lowest level of Vendor returns, I can recall.

With Vendor charges ranging up to 22% and Purchaser charge up to 19.5%.

THE RIGHT NOTE OFFER a guarantee of grade, a record of provenance. We stand behind every Numismatic item sold @ 

Consignment charges are always negotiable, depending on the quality of your portfolio.

Summary: Collectors in Australian Numismatic history have never enjoyed more competitive pricing.

In a price range of $1,000 to $5,000, purchasers have a wonderful Library of the very best Numismatic items to select. All purchaser prices are open to Negotiation. Investors shall reap the rewards of this current market with prices of $10,000 to $500,000+ I look forward to discussing your own needs, on a confidential basis.

You may ring Auction houses, after speaking to these “Folks” get their quotes” then ring TRN.