I bought a rare note and coin through the Rare Coin Company which currently has a market value of 10% of what I paid for it if I am lucky.  When the RCC went under I contacted a number of coin dealers to see what was the best way of selling them.  Most of them were not too interested as there was a flood of notes and coins on the market as a result.   I contacted Richard and he was the only person who was really willing to assist me. He did a valuation on the rare coin based on the information I provided and then assisted me to send it to the US for grading.  I have had the coin and note for sale on the Right Note website for some time and recently advised Richard that I now wanted to just sell them and move on.   He has assisted me to get them to auction in October 2018.   I appreciate all the time and effort he has put in to help me which for him has not been a profitable exercise.   Based on my experience with the Right Note I would recommend others to use them and thank Richard sincerely for his efforts.”

Regards – I.B. WA


Subject: A Big Thankyou
Hi Richard,
My name is B.F.. You probably don’t remember me, I have purchased a couple of Bank notes from you in the past 18 months or so.
But that’s not the reason for this e-mail. I am writing this e-mail to express my and my wife’s heart felt thanks because of a conversation we had some time ago in regards to The Rare Coin Co. as I’m certain you are aware they have gone belly up!
You told me to get our numismatics that were invested through our SMSF out of storage with them and that’s exactly what we did.
We flew up to Perth (We are based in Adelaide) drove all the bloody way to Albany and came home with our Notes and Coins.
Just thought I would let you know how much we appreciated your “No nonsense approach” that spurned us into action, you were “SPOT ON”.


I am a small time collector. Over the past 30 years, I have collected coins and notes buying from monthly magazines as my budget allowed. Sometimes I have bought from the internet but I have had my fingers burnt on several occasions.

In recent years, I have been more interested in “type” notes. The quality of notes in magazines and on the internet often leaves a lot to be desired. Moreover, the prices often seem quite high for the quality of the notes on offer.

I found Richard Fahy and The Right Note by accident. I was looking for a George V £5. Any decent note was very expensive for me. I looked on the usual sites that I used before trying The Right Note. I didn’t really believe that the note Richard was offering was so reasonable so I rang Richard. He assured me that what I saw online was what I would get. And it was – a great note for a very reasonable price!

Since then, I have bought several notes from Richard. Nothing is too much trouble – you need a particular note and Richard will find it for you. My collection now is way beyond what I ever thought possible.

Richard is an honest, sincere person who has looked after me time and time again. I would highly recommend Richard’s services to any collector – small time to the serious. It was indeed a fortunate day when I clicked onto The Right Note.

DT JP. Baulkham Hills. NSW


To Richard,

From my initial contact with Richard Fahy from the Right Note over 7 years ago, I have found Richards dedication and professionalism to his clients goes above and beyond.

As a collector, Richards experience and knowledge of rare coins and banknotes makes it an enjoyable and learning experience.

I find Richards’s upstanding character, reputation and friendliness extremely valuable.

I congratulate Richard on 20 years in the numismatics business and wish him all the best.

Kind Regards
G.M. Victoria
February 2015


… extremely helpful, responsive and informative

I’ve used Richard Fahey’s services at The Right Note  to assist in setting up my rare notes and currency investments. I have found Richard to be extremely helpful, responsive and informative. He is always there to help with any queries and provide great advice. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone. Indeed I consider Richard to be the leader in the rare note market and the only person that you should consider taking advice from.

… I can now confidently go into the marketplace  thanks to Richard.

L.B. New South Wales
February 2015


I have known Richard well before he went into business for himself. Thats more than 20 years and I am still with him as a client. I find his service to be well informed and consistent. As a long standing client Richard is always approachable if I have any questions or requests. He has always been able to meet my requests and keeps me informed of market conditions and any items he feels might be of interest to me. His knowledge is well founded and strong.

Anyone wanting to get into bank notes should give him consideration and time as he will steer you in the right direction by listening to you and advising, then giving you recommendations which you can then accept or decline without any pressure selling. I know I will be staying with THE RIGHT NOTE for many years to come as I watch my portfolio grow. Thank you Richard for all those years and many more years to follow.

G.D. New South Wales
January 2015


Congratulations TRN on 20 years.

Congratulations Richard, for establishing an excellent business, second to none in service, quality of supply, honesty, integrity and expert advice.

Without the excellent lay by service available to me in the early years I would never had the opportunity to become a collector Thank you.

I wish you continued success and good wishes for the coming years.

R.W. New South Wales
January 2015


We can’t speak highly enough of Richard’s professionalism and tenacity in a challenging business environment.  He has taken us on as clients to assist us in the sale of our banknote portfolio and has already achieved pleasing results in a less than buoyant market.  Richard’s wealth of experience ensures that he is well placed to facilitate the best outcomes for both sellers and buyers and we trust his advice implicitly.  We would have no hesitation in recommending the services of The Right Note as a company under the guidance and direction of Richard Fahy.  Congratulations on reaching such a significant milestone – 20 years in the numismatic business is a fantastic achievement.

S.W. Queensland
January 2015


As a former client of The Rare Coin Company, I first contacted Richard as a very worried man, whose confidence in the numismatic industry was destroyed and I had little faith in what service I would get from Richard or anyone else. As I was down on my luck to say the least, the other numismatic companies I contacted were first looking for money from me for their help.

When Richard heard of my story, he opened up to me and provided service, moral support and genuine advice beyond anything I have ever known in my life. Like all of us, Richard needs to make a living but this man has offered his friendship, understanding and compassion to me and in return has asked for nothing. In spite of the recent events in the industry, my biggest regret is that I never met Richard years ago and my promise to this man is that I would support him and his company to the end of the earth!

Give this man your business, he is a leading professional expert, without the, “Win at all costs” attitude. Richard Fahy is the man… THE MAN, he doesn’t lie, even if the truth hurts.

The market will recover and I for one, and to my own surprise, will continue to follow this man and re-invest.

You have a man you can trust, a friend more than a consultant and a man who deserves all of our respect.

Thanks Richard, I will never forget what you have done for me, you are a star my friend…… what more could I say!!

A.B. Thailand
January 2015


To whom it may concern,

I am not a note person, I bought my notes as a favor  to a friend, I kept them for about ten years and then decided to sell them.

Not knowing anything about value I like everybody else looked on the net.  After searching for awhile I came across The Right Note run by Richard Fahy.  After pestering Richard for quite some time about values and how to sell for the best amount I decided to send my portfolio to Richard  and have had no regrets at all. Richard has been very professional and respectful of my personal needs and I would recommend the Right Note company to anybody at all. I have not been coerced to say or do anything to promote this site this this is my own personal opinion and you may contact me at anytime to confirm this.

R.H. Queensland
January 2015


I am a current customer of The Right Note for 20 years, during this time I have purchase many notes of which many are very rare or the notes are of very good condition. There is nothing TRN will not do, in fact I was after a certain note and I was just about to give up on but TRN finally tracked my note so my collection is now complete. I have a running lay buy to this day. A very professional company willing to help you with advice and service. I will totally recommended TRN if you are looking for a rare note. It is always a pleasure to deal with TRN.

D.H. New South Wales
January 2015