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A Brief History of Solid, Radar, Error, First & Last Prefix Banknotes

As interest increases throughout the world in the investing and collecting of banknotes, segments of the banknote market ebb and flow in their popularity. Over the last 10 years in Australia for example we seen interest increase in Pre Federation Banknotes, Pre Decimal Star* Banknote Replacements then on to Decimal Star* Banknote Replacements, the level […]

History of Australian Banknotes Signatures Part 2

Signatures – (Part 2) – by Richard E Fahy Herbert Coombs- Circa 1949-1968. Covered in Part One – pre decimal banknotes. Ronald Wilson- Circa 951-1966. Covered in Part One – pre decimal banknotes. Richard J. Randall. Circa 1966-1971. Appointed as Secretary to the Treasury in October 1966 until October 1971. Mr Randall was co -signatory […]

History of Australian Banknotes Signatures Part 1

13 April 2010 Signatures – (Part 1)- by Richard E Fahy Pre Decimal Banknotes. Circa 1913-1966 George Thomas Allen. Circa 1901-1916 Was the first Secretary to the Treasury after Australian Federation in 1901. Although he retired in 1916, his signature continued to appear on Australian banknotes until 1918. Charles Cerutty. Circa 1918-1923 When J Collins […]

A Public Forum For Change To Polymer Banknotes

ounterfeit Au$50 Circulated UPDATE Wednesday 17 February 2010 A leading Sydney radio station was heard by Richard Fahy to be issuing warnings to watch out for counterfeit $50 notes. Criminals have been targeting Western and Outer Western Sydney. The Reserve Bank cannot quantify the extent of the counterfeiting. Faces on our notes draw a blank […]

Collecting and Investing in Old Money

RICHARD E. FAHY OF THE RIGHT NOTE LOOKS AT THE REMARKABLE INVESTMENT PERFORMANCE OF AUSTRALIAN PAPER MONEY If you talk to knowledgeable collectors anywhere in the world, and ask about Australia’s best-known collectable, they will be familiar with the 1930 penny, which has increased in value by 10% per annum, irrespective of wars, inflation, recession, […]