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Renniks Number: R 17s. Code: TRN. Banknote Description:   Australian Pre Decimal Star* Banknote Replacement’s. Denomination: Ten Shilling. Signatures: Coombs/Wilson. Circa: 1961.         Reserve Bank of Australia. Serial Numbers:    AE99/66414. AE99/66415. AE99/664416. Notation: A set of  three(3) consecutive numbers. Described as Extremely Rare. Grade: Very Fine. Dimensions of these banknotes are exactly in line with Renniks [...]

R017s | VF | 1961
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Renniks Number: R612. Code: TRN. Banknote Description: Australian One Hundred Dollar Paper Issue. Signatures: Fraser/Higgins. Grade: Uncirculated. Serial Numbers: ZHT 858320/21. RR: $750.00. Source: Renniks 29th Edition 2019. Sale Price: $650.00.

R612 | Unc

Banknote Description: The Bank of New South Wales Multi Coloured Specimen. Denomination: Five Pound. Domicile:  Dunedin. New Zealand.  Circa: 18– Grade: almost Uncirculated(with Counterfoil)  

aUNC | 18--

Australian Pre Federation Banknote. Bank of Issue: The Bank of New South Wales. Domicile: Melbourne. Banknote Description: Uniface Specimen. Circa: 1853.* Grade: almost Uncirculated. Establishing the Year of Issue as 1853 is based on historical fact. The upper right corner displays Queen Victoria “Young Head” directed to the right. Notation: Printer: Skipper East. London.

aUNC | 1853

Banknote Description. The National Bank of New Zealand Limited Uniface Specimen. Denomination: Ten Pound. Domicile:   Auckland. New Zealand. Circa: 1872. Grade: almost Uncirculated.  

aUNC | 1872

Australian Pre Federation Banknote. Catalogue: MVR3aA. Code: TRN. Bank of Issue: The London Chartered Bank of Australia. Denomination: One Pound. Circa: 1st January 1880. Domicile: Sydney. Banknote Description: One Pound Colour Trial Specimen.* Multi Coloured. Grade: almost Uncirculated. The first Colour Trial Specimen issued for The Series of London Chartered Bank of Australia. Circa 1880-1889. This [...]

aUNC | 1880

Code: TRN. Banknotes Description. Australian Pre Federation Banknotes-Circa 1817-1910. A wonderful opportunity to purchase a pair of The Town and Country Bank One Pound Multi Coloured Specimens. These banknotes were purchased from The Rare Coin Company in 2009. The purchaser paid in excess of $50000.00. for the pair. Since this time The Right Note has [...]

MVR1 | Unc | 1881
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Renniks Number: MVR1a. Code: TRN. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Federation Banknote. General issue banknote( A circulated banknote). Issuing Bank: The Bank of North Queensland. Domicile: Townsville. Issued: 1st January 1889. Grade: Fine. Serial Number:  023839. This North Queensland-Townsville Circa 1889, is an extremely rare banknote. No such banknote is available in Australia/Internationally. RR: $9500.00. Source: Renniks [...]

F | 1889
aUNC | 1889

Code: TRN Banknote Description: Australian Pre Federation Banknote. Bank of Issue: The National Bank of Australasia. Domicile: Adelaide. Date of Issue: 1st November 1893. Banknote Description: Multi-Coloured Specimen. Denomination: Ten Pounds Grade: Uncirculated. Serial Numbers: 005001- 010000. Engraver/Printer: Bacon/Wheeler & Company. London. England. Our Price: $4950.00. Historical Notation: The 10 Pound-Domicile Adelaide Specimen. Serial Numbers 005001-010000. [...]

Unc | 1893
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Renniks: Australian Pre Federation Banknote. Issued Bank: The Bank of New South Wales. Denomination: One Pound. Domicile: Sydney. B/W Multi Coloured General Issue. Circa: 1904. Serial: A106408 Grade: Good.  

Good | 1904

Australian Pre Federation Banknote. Reference: MVR7g. Code: TRN. Bank of Issue: The Bank of New South Wales. Denomination: One Pound. Circa: 1st April 1910. Serial Number: B471440. Domicile: Sydney. Banknote Description: One Pound General Issue Banknote. Multi Coloured. Grade: Very Fine. Our Price: $4950.00. Accompanied by the Original Certificate of Authenticity issued on purchase in 2006.

VF | 1910

Australian Gold Sovereign. St George Reverse. King George V. Circa: 1911-1928. Year of Issue: 1911. Grade: Choice Uncirculated.

Unc | 1911

Banknote Description.  The Bank of New Zealand Multi Coloured Specimen.  Denomination:   Five Pound.  Domicile:  Wellington. New Zealand.   Circa: 1911. Grade: almost Uncirculated.  

aUNC | 1911
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Renniks Number: R36bL. Code: SK Banknote Description:  Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. Denomination: Five Pound. Signatures: Collins/Allen. Serial Number: V4 90076. Last Prefix Banknote – Rare as such. Circa: 1916. Grade: Fine. RR: $7000.00. Superior quality George V banknotes are one of the strongest performing areas of the entire Australian banknote series, regularly achieving well above [...]

R036bL | Fine | 1916
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Renniks Number: Florin King George V. 1911-1936. Code: TRN. Coin Description: Australian Pre Decimal Coin. Denomination: One Florin (Two Shilling 2/-) Year of Mintage: 1916 Grade: MS65 (PCGS) Australian equilivant grade: Gem Uncirculated PCGS Certified Number:17896 65/857751033 Certification: 2018. By TRN RR: $4500.00.     Source: Renniks 29th edition 2019 Historical Notation: PCGS Grading to Australian Standard [...]

MS65 | 1916
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Renniks Number: R21f. Code: TRN. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. King George V. Circa: 1918. Denomination: One Pound. Signatures: Cerutty/Collins. Circa: 1918. With suffix letters- A-O.        Part of the first Australian banknote issues. 1914-1918. Historical Notation: The last of the large paper banknotes. Originally designed 184BY92mm based on measurement from The English Sterling Pound. [...]

R021f | F | 1918

Renniks Number: R3b. Code: SK Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Banknote Issue: Denomination: Ten Shilling. Signatures: Cerruty/Collins. Circa: 1918. Serial Number: N 769659M. Grade: Almost Uncirculated. The banknote features all of the attributes on a “Natural Banknote”- “curling when placed in the hand”, the natural brilliance/ brightness of the banknote, square corners, the natural raising [...]

R03b | aUNC | 1918
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Renniks Number: R22a. Code: DL. Banknote Description. Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. Signatures: Miller/Collins. With Imprint T.S. Harrison. Circa: 1923. Monarch: King George V. Grade: Very Fine. Serial Number: H 8556868. RR: $15500.00. Source: Renniks 28th Edition. 2018. Historical Notation King George V reign represented a significant time in Australian currency history. In 1923 he became [...]

R022a | VF | 1923
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Renniks: R07. Ten Shilling.        Riddle/Heathershaw.     King George V. Circa: 1923. Serial Number: B/28 696716. Grade: Extra Fine. RR: $19000.00.   Source: Renniks 28th edition 2018. Sale Price:  $7000.00.      This price represents both the RR, and below any current market price, for a genuine and certified Extra Fine.   Notation: Serial Number B/28 697616 is a beautifully [...]

R007 | EF | 1923
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Renniks Number: R41f. Code: MW. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. Denomination: Five Pound. Signatures: Riddle/Heathershaw. Circa: 1927. Signatures: Riddle/Heathershaw.     Serial Number: Q/11 307515. First Prefix. Note Issue Department. Grade: Very Fine. RR: $30,000. Sale Price: $20,000. Save: $10,000. Historical Notation: Within the printing cycle of the signatures Riddle/Heathershaw. There was an alteration made, although [...]

R041F | VF | 1927
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1927-1963 Souvenir Set of Commemorative and Regular Issue Florins. Contains 1927 Canberra, 1951 Federation and 1954 Royal Visit commemorative Florins plus a regular issue Florin. Housed in illustrated display . Pre decimal coins where last issued during 1963 – 1964, Australia converted to decimal currency on 14th February 1966, with the new dollar equal to [...]

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Renniks Number: R27a Code: SMSMSF Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal One Pound Banknote. Signatures: Riddle/Sheehan. Thick Signature. Circa: 1932. Grade: Good Extra Fine. Serial K77 329076 RR: $9000.00. 1932 George V Riddle/Sheehan One Pound Note Today, Australian Pre Decimal banknotes of this era in premium quality grades are very scarce and highly prized for their [...]

R027a | gEF | 1932
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Renniks Number: R: 11. Code: SK. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Banknotes (Pair). Denomination: Ten Shilling. Signatures: Riddle/Sheehan. Circa: 1936.         King George V. Serial Numbers: D/82 932632/33. Grade: Uncirculated. RR: $15000.00. Source: Renniks 29th edition 2019

R011 | Unc | 1938
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Renniks Number: R11. Code: TRN. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. Denomination: Ten Shillings. Signatures: Riddle/Sheehan. Circa 1936. Serial Number: D76 717747. Grade: Uncirculated. RR: $7500.00. Source: Renniks 30th edition.2020. Sale Price: $6250.00. Save: $1250.00. A revised edition from the Treasure Trove of TRN. We note there is one similar banknote-of the same grade. With a [...]

R011 | Unc | 1936

Australian 1937 Crown-First Issue. Circa: 1937. Grade: Choice Uncirculated. Comes in a full presentation case carried in a Perspex slab. 1937 Australian Crown Specifications Monarch King George VI Edge Reeded Weight 28.27 grams Diameter 38.5 mm Composition 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper Minted Melbourne, Australia Mintage approx. 1,008,000 Scarcity considered a slightly harder date

Unc | 1937
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Renniks Number: R12. Signatures: Riddle/Sheehan. Circa: 1939. Serial Number: F/22 356319. Mid -Range Prefix. Grade: Uncirculated. RR: $2250.00. Source: Renniks 30th edition. 2020.

R012 | Unc | 1939
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Renniks R12. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. Signatures: Sheehan/McFarlane. Circa 1939. Serial Number: F/12 876170 Grade: Very Fine. RR: $600.00. Source: Renniks 2018. A lovely natural banknote, no faults.

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Renniks: R046. Five Pound. Armitage/McFarlane. King George VI. Circa: 1942. Serial Number: R/57 587151. Grade: Extra Fine. RR: $800.00.        Source: Renniks 28th edition 2018. Sale Price: $600.00. Save: $200.00.

R046 | EF | 1942