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Richard E. Fahy.

Date: 1st March 2020.

The Right Note COVID19 Virus pandemic strategy

The Right Note is thinking of our clients, at this time, as we enter uncharted territory for us all. The virus has forced us to re-think how we do things. We are still open for business and we will continue to use Australia Post to pick up and make deliveries.

We are self-isolating and working from home and can offer our full range of sales and valuations. For International orders, we use Fed Ex with their international safety protocols

Currently, we are adhering to all government recommended social distancing and hygiene procedures.

  • To ensure safety for all staff and customers, our small team have completed the Australian Department of Health short course for Covid19 Infection Control Training.
  • In this interim period, we offer all TRN clients our full support.
  • Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any queries.
  • Please stay safe.

Kind regards

Richard Fahy


40 %
Save $4,000.00
$10,000.00 $6,000.00

King George V Riddle/Sheehan Q28 704853 Commonwealth Bank

48 %
Save $6,500.00
$13,500.00 $7,000.00

Australian Decimal Star* Banknote.

34 %
Save $1,550.00
$4,500.00 $2,950.00

Renniks Number: R58. Banknote Description:Ten Pound. Circa 1940. King George VI. Serial Number: V/3 270024 Grade Extra Fine. Terrific sale price, only one in stock. Signatures: Sheehan/McFarlane.

50 %
Save $17,500.00
$35,000.00 $17,500.00

A Basic Introduction to an Employee Banknote Presentation Set Circa 1988. On the finalisation of all banknote designs, production and release to the Australian public, a certain number of Specimen banknotes were set aside for presentation to public dignitaries, the Royal family and designated member of the Australian public. This tradition commenced with the introduction [...]

60 %
Save $7,550.00
$12,500.00 $4,950.00

Australian Pre Federation Banknote. Specimen


Code: Renniks SP28 Code: HW001 Banknote Description:  Australian Paper One Hundred RED SPECIMEN Collectors Set. Circa: 1984. A Set of Two Banknotes Specimen Numbers:  OO55  &  O056 Signatures: Fraser/Cole. Grade: Uncirculated. RR: $30000.000. Source: Renniks 29th Edition 2019. Australian $100 Note First Issued 26 March 1984 The Right Note is proud to represent Mr Harry [...]

44 %
Save $10,000.00
$22,500.00 $12,500.00

Australian Pre Decimal banknotes of this era in premium quality grades are very scarce and highly prized for their investment potential. George V’s reign represented a significant time in Australia’s currency history. In 1923 he became the first monarch to feature on Australia’s Commonwealth banknote issues. Before 1910, banknotes were issued by private banks and [...]


Renniks Number:  R67c Code: DMcP. EXTREMELY RARE FIFTY POUND-CERUTTY/COLLINS. FIRST TIME OFFERED SALE. Denomination: Fifty Pound. Signatures: Cerutty/Collins. Circa: 1914-1945. This banknote: 1918. Grade: Very Fine. RR: $87,500.00. Source: Renniks 28th Edition Banknote/Coin Catalogue 2018. Page Number 255. Historical Purchase Notation: This banknote was purchased by our Vendor in 1996. Sold by Kurt Jaggard Coins. [...]

$20,000.00 $5,950.00

Type 3 specimen banknote SOLD

68 %
Save $6,500.00
$9,500.00 $3,000.00

Code: TRN Banknote Description:  Australian Pre Federation Banknote. Bank of Issue: The Commercial Bank of Sydney. Denomination: Five Pound. General Issue Banknote. General Issue banknotes, were those banknotes that went into general circulation Pre Federation.  Signed for and on behalf of the CBC of Sydney Andrew H. Lyons Manager. The July 1889. This was the first [...]

47 %
Save $9,000.00
$19,000.00 $10,000.00

Pre-Decimal Banknote. Renniks: R07. Denomination: Ten Shilling-Half Sovereign. Signatures: Riddle/Heathershaw. Circa: 1928. Grade: Uncirculated. Serial Number:  A/60 347616. RR: $19000.00. Source Renniks 27th Edition Coin & Banknote Catalogue. 2017.

40 %
Save $10,207.00
$25,207.00 $15,000.00

Rare Australian Collection Set

$20,000.00 $5,950.00

Type 3 specimen banknote SOLD

42 %
Save $12,500.00
$30,000.00 $17,500.00

An exceptional grade of this very rare banknote.

26 %
Save $450.00
$1,700.00 $1,250.00

Renniks Number: R45. Banknote Description: Australian Five Pound. Circa 1942. King George VI. Serial Number: R27 436614. Grade: good Very Fine. Signatures: Sheehan/McFarlane. RR:  $1700.00. Source Renniks 27th edition Coin & Banknote Catlogue 2017

$45,000.00 $9,000.00

Graded and slabbed by PCGS. CERT VERIFICATION #84930981. Grade PR63RB. SOLD

46 %
Up to $47,500.00

Rare Australian 1938 Silver Proof Coin Set. Being Sold as a Collection. Coins Description: The Australian Pre Decimal 1938 Silver Coin Collection. Set Comprises: Three Pence (3d), Six Pence (6d), One Shilling (1/-) and Two Shilling (2/- or Florin). Grading: PR64 PCGS Graded and Slabbed. Notation: It is a rare opportunity indeed when such a superb and rare set [...]

60 %
Save $18,000.00
$30,000.00 $12,000.00

Code: Renniks SP28. Page 297. Code: SB007. Banknote Description:  Australian Paper One Hundred RED SPECIMEN Collectors Set. Circa: 1984. A Set of Two Banknotes Specimen Numbers:  OO76. O576. Signatures: Fraser/Cole. Grade: Uncirculated. RR: $30000.000. Source: Renniks 29th Edition 2019. One Set only. Australian $100 Note First Issued 26 March 1984 Front: Sir Douglas Mawson (1882-1958) [...]

50 %
Save $70,000.00
$140,000.00 $70,000.00

REFERENCE:  R62. Pre Decimal Specimen Banknote Type 2. Banknote Type: Ten Pound. Signatures: Coombs/Wilson. Issue: 1954. Queen Elizabeth II. Type Two{2} Specimen. Rarity one of 3-5 known to exist. Serial Number: WA00 000062. Grade: Uncirculated (hence 3-5 known to exist in this grade). Specimens were minted in low numbers mainly as archival pieces or for [...]

45 %
Save $5,000.00
$11,000.00 $6,000.00

Pre-Decimal Banknote. Renniks: R26. Denomination: One Pound. Signatures: Riddle/Heathershaw. Circa: 1928. Grade: Uncirculated. Serial Numbers: K/9529267/52968. RR: $11000.00. (Pair). Source: Renniks 27th Edition Coin & Banknote Catalogue. 2017.  

52 %
Save $8,500.00

Code: TRN. Banknotes Description. Australian Pre Federation Banknotes-Circa 1817-1910. A wonderful opportunity to purchase a pair of The Town and Country Bank One Pound Multi Coloured Specimens. These banknotes were purchased from The Rare Coin Company in 2009. The purchaser paid in excess of $50000.00. for the pair. Since this time The Right Note has [...]


Code: TRN Banknote Description: Australian Pre Federation Banknote. Bank of Issue: The National Bank of Australasia. Domicile: Adelaide. Date of Issue: 1st November 1893. Banknote Description: Multi-Coloured Specimen. Denomination: Ten Pounds Grade: Uncirculated. Serial Numbers: 005001- 010000. Engraver/Printer: Bacon/Wheeler & Company. London. England. Our Price: $4950.00. Historical Notation: The 10 Pound-Domicile Adelaide Specimen. Serial Numbers 005001-010000. [...]


Coin Description: Isle of Man Commemorative Coin 1990-150 Anniversary of The Penny Black. Sale Price: $39.00. Grade: Proof. One only in stock.   Country Isle of Man Type Non-circulating coin Year 1990 Value 1 Crown     Composition Silver (.925) Weight 28.28 g Diameter 38.5 mm Shape Round Orientation Medal alignment ↑↑ References TRN-001 I OF MAN. [...]

20 %
Save $25.00
$125.00 $100.00

Renniks Number:  Renniks Number LAF1 page 305, Code: TRN. Collector Set Description. Printed in 1995 the set comprises two(2) polymer banknotes from this print run in both light green and red serial numbers. Uncirculated. Serial Numbers: EA93 500 695 both green and serial numbers. RR: $125.00.

18 %
Save $15.00
$85.00 $70.00

Renniks Number: McD pat 2 Code: TRN. Collectors Set. Denomination:  Five Doller QE96 000721 Red Serial Numbers.. With a sheet of ten 45c stamps. RR: $85.00.

7 %
Save $500.00

$7,500.00 $7,000.00

Renniks Number: R 17s. Code: TRN. Banknote Description:   Australian Pre Decimal Star* Banknote Replacement’s. Denomination: Ten Shilling. Signatures: Coombs/Wilson. Circa: 1961.         Reserve Bank of Australia. Serial Numbers:    AE99/66414. AE99/66415. AE99/664416. Notation: A set of  three(3) consecutive numbers. Described as Extremely Rare. Grade: Very Fine. Dimensions of these banknotes are exactly in line with Renniks [...]


Reference: R 45. Code: TRN Banknote Description:  Five Pound Pre Decimal Banknote. Signatures: Sheehan/McFarlane. Year of Issue:  1939. Serial Number:  R22 284437. Grade: aUncirculated. Price: $4500.00. The banknote offered for sale in this superior grade, has a centrefold, based on market valuations of this time of up to $9000.00. This banknote represents a wonderful collecting [...]

38 %
Save $1,500.00
$4,000.00 $2,500.00

R18d. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. First signatures: Collins/Allen. Circa: 1918. Banknote Denomination:             One Pound. Signatures: Collins/Allen.              Circa: 1918. Serial Number: 514421S.               Large black serified serial numbers-Suffix S. Grade: near Very Fine. RR:  $4000.00. Historical Information: The signature combination of Collins/Allen, were printed from 1913 to 1918. There were 12 combinations of this banknote [...]

3 %
Save $20.00
$670.00 $650.00

Renniks Number:  LAF5. Page 305. Renniks 29th edition 2019. Code: GB. Banknote Description: Rare Australian Banknote Collector Set. Denomination: $100.00. Signatures: Fraser/Cole. Fraser/Evans. Year of Issue: 1996. RR: $675.00. Source: Renniks 30th edition 2020. A very rare collector set. An opportunity to purchase both first and last prefix of $ Uncirculated condition. These notes are the last prefix [...]

7 %
Save $40.00
$540.00 $500.00

Reference Number: Renniks Number : LA4.  Page: 305. Renniks 29th edition 2019. Code: GB. Banknote Description: Fifty Dollar Collector Set 1995. First/Last Prefix. RR: $540.00. Source Renniks 29th edition 2019. Here is an opportunity to acquire two rare fifty dollar notes in Uncirculated condition. These notes are the last prefix $50 paper banknote and the first prefix [...]

33 %
Save $150.00
$450.00 $300.00

Banknote Description: New Zealand Uncut Sheet of 16 Banknotes. Serial Numbers: AAA 094 814 BY 16 banknotes First Prefix.. Presented with Royal Australian Mint Certificate of Authenticity. Denomination: Ten Dollars. Commemorative $10.00. banknote uncut block of 16. 150th Anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. The Royal Australian Mint, secured a number of uncut [...]

17 %
Save $5,000.00
$30,000.00 $25,000.00

Renniks Number: R41F Code: MW. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Gold Series. Denomination: Five Pounds. Signatures: Riddle/Heathershaw. Year of Issue: 1927. Serial Number: Q/11 307515. First Prefix. Grade: Very Fine. RR: $30,000.00.

14 %
Save $4,000.00
$29,000.00 $25,000.00

Renniks Number: R61L. Code: MW. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Paper Issue. Denomination: Ten Pound. Signatures: Coombs/Wilson. Year of Issue: 1952.          King George VI. Serial Numbers: V/24 682396/97. Last Prefix. RR: $29000.00. Pair. Source: Renniks 30th edition 2020.

22 %
Save $550.00
$2,500.00 $1,950.00

Renniks Number: R612. Code: TRN. Category: Error Banknotes. Banknote Description: Australian Paper Banknote Issue. Denomination: One Hundred Dollars. Signatures: Fraser/Higgins. Circa: 1990. Error: Background Print Missing One Side (Reverse). Grade: Uncirculated. RR: $2500.00. Source: Renniks 30th Edition 2020. Our Price: $1950.00. Notation: Usual printing faults in $100.00. paper issues, are confined creases, flaps. A must for [...]

44 %
Save $20.00
$45.00 $25.00

2009 Year of Astronomy Issued By the Royal Australian Mint. Through ANDA Trade Fair 2009. Featuring 6 Florins, with designs by Astronomers. Release Price: $25.00. RR: $45.00. Our Price: $25.00. 2 only in stock.

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