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Australian 1937 Crown-First Issue. Circa: 1937. Grade: Choice Uncirculated. Comes in a full presentation case carried in a Perspex slab. 1937 Australian Crown Specifications Monarch King George VI Edge Reeded Weight 28.27 grams Diameter 38.5 mm Composition 92.5% silver, 7.5% copper Minted Melbourne, Australia Mintage approx. 1,008,000 Scarcity considered a slightly harder date

Unc | 1937
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Coin Description: Australian Five Dollar Proof Coin. Circa: 2002. The Queen Mother: 1900-2002. RR: $70.00. Source: Renniks 30th edition. 2020. Sale Price: $35.00. Save: $35.00. The reverse design of the coin is based on a photograph taken at the Adelaide Cup at Morphettville Race Course in South Australia in May, 1927. Her portrait is surrounded [...]

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Coin Description: Australian One Dollar Proof Coin. Circa: 1997. Issued: RAM. RR: $70.00. Source Renniks 30th edition.2020. Sale Price: $35.00. Save: $35.00. Limited stock, one per customer. On the 9th of May, 1927, Provisional Parliament House was opened by HRH The Duke of York, later to become King George VI, and the Duchess, now Her [...]

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Coin Description: Australian Pre Decimal Florin. Circa: 1951. Grade: Choice Uncirculated. RR: $125.00. Source: Renniks 30th edition. 2020. One only in stock.

Choice Uncirculated | 1951
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Coin Description: Australian Proof Coin. Circa: 2004. AFL Australia’s Own Game Certificate Number: 08905. Various.


Australian Sovereign Monarch: King George V Year of Issue: 1915 Grade: Uncirculated+ Sale Price: $2250.00   One only in stock. This coin was released by the Albanian Government in 1973, as part of a small holding 150 coins, all Uncirculated+ This coin was sold by Rob Roberts(deceased) of Wynyard Coins in 1987 Amongst the last sovereigns [...]

Unc | 1915

Coin Description:              Australian Half Sovereign. Mintage Year: 1900. Sydney Mint. Type: St George Reverse Queen Victoria. Grade: Mint Strike-MS61. Australia: Uncirculated. Grading & Slabbing by Professional Coin Grading Service-PCGS. 02/18. History: St George-Veiled Head. 183-1901. Design: T Brock-Obverse. B Pistrucci-Reverse. Composition:  91.67% Gold. 8.33% Copper. 22 Carat 916.g Fine o/ 19.mm. Minted: Sydney Mint.

MS, Unc | 1900
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Coin Description: Republic of Mexico. Denomination: One Peso. Year of Issue: 1902. Grade: Master Strike 60+ Composition: Silver. Finesse: 0.9027. Weight: 27.0730. Diameter: 37mm. This liberty coin minted in 1902 in pure silver was the equivalent to day in International standards, of minting proof coins, albeit gold or silver. Master strikes of 60+ are extremely [...]

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Rare Australian 1938 Silver Proof Coin Set. Being Sold as a Collection: Coins Description: The Australian Pre-Decimal 1938 Silver Coin Collection. Set Comprises: Three Pence (3d), Six Pence (6d), One Shilling (1/-) and Two Shilling (2/- or Florin). Grading: PR64 PCGS Graded and Slabbed. Highly Graded Proof 64 for all 4 coins. Notation: It is [...]

Proof | 1938

Australian Royal Mint. Denomination: One Dollar. Subject: Waltzing Matilda. 10th Anniversary. SILVER PROOF COIN. Certificate Number: 0001321. Description: Continuous milled. RR: $100.00. Circa: April 1995 Mint: 2,500

Unc | 1995
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$30,000.00 $9,950.00
Original price was: $30,000.00.Current price is: $9,950.00.

Less than 100 Known Early proof coins are particularly stunning as they were produced using polished dies and were frequently struck multiple times to ensure that the full design became visible.

FDC | 1934

Australian Colonial Coin. New South Wales Fifteen Pence “Dump”. Reference: TYPE A/1 Grade: Very Fine. Notation: Extremely rare in this grade-Among the finest known. Listing previous auctions, including this coin through major Australian auction house’s over 20 years have indicated a slow and steady growth, being owned by Australian dealers, collectors and on sold through [...]

TYPE A/1 | VF | 1813
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Australian Silver Kangaroo Boxed .    1oz Silver Coin

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Australian Pre Decimal Pattern Piece - Square Kookaburra Penny 1921

Unc | 1921
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$55,000.00 $12,000.00
Original price was: $55,000.00.Current price is: $12,000.00.

King George VI 1944 Proof Penny. This coin has been slabbed to very authenticity and grade of this very rare coin. Country of Origin: Australia Mint Perth. Circa: 1944 Notation: The Vendor on purchase was supplied with a written Guarantee, this coin is one of 12 known to exist. The Right Note cannot verify this [...]

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Graded and slabbed by PCGS. CERT VERIFICATION #84930981. Grade PR63RB.

Proof | 1935

One dollar silver coin. Royal Australian Mint issue 1992


Ten Dollar Sterling Sliver Endangered Species Series- 1995-1998


Kookaburra Proof Issue Set 1994. Two Coin Cased Set


Ten Dollar Proof Coin celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Sydney Mint (1853)


Ten Dollar Proof Coin combating the 150th Anniversary of The Adealide Pound (1852.) Bi Metal Issue.


One dollar. Royal Australian Mint issue 2004