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James Kell – Circa 1924-1927

Signature of James Kell

James Kell was appointed Governor of the Commonwealth Bank following the death of Sir Dennison Miller, which office he held until his retirement on the 31st May 1967.

In 1924 the control of banknote issue was changed slightly in that it became vested in Board of Directors of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Because of this change, James Kell is described on some issues as Chairman of Directors of the Note Issue Department of the Commonwealth Bank.

History of Australian Banknotes Signatures Part 1

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Australian Pre Decimal banknotes of this era in premium quality grades are very scarce and highly prized for their investment potential. George V’s reign represented a significant time in Australia’s currency history. In 1923 he became the first monarch to feature on Australia’s Commonwealth banknote issues. Before 1910, banknotes were issued by private banks and [...]

R054 | gVF | 1925
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Code: TRN. R05. Ten Shilling-Half Sovereign Red Overprint. Signatures: Kell/Collins. Serial Number:  A32 280730. Grade: near Very Fine.

R005 | nVF

Commonwealth Bank. Black Ink Signatures Half Sovereign Kell/Collins A37754688

R005 | VF | 1926

There are two small tears on the bottom of this banknote. The discount price reflects this minor damage. King George V Kell/Collins QO965344 Circa: 1924 Grade: VF Denomination: 5 pounds

R038a | VF | 1924

Half Sovereign Kell/Collins A32280730

R005 | F | 1926