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R054 | 1925 | gVF | U/1 703734

King George V Kell/Collins Ten Pound Note 1925

$22,500.00 $15,000.00


Australian Pre Decimal banknotes of this era in premium quality grades are very scarce and highly prized for their investment potential.

George V’s reign represented a significant time in Australia’s currency history.

In 1923 he became the first monarch to feature on Australia’s Commonwealth banknote issues. Before 1910, banknotes were issued by private banks and state Governments but after Australia’s Federation in 1901, Parliament was given the legal authority to make laws in relation to currency, coinage, legal tender and banking. In 1910 the ‘Bank Notes Act’ and ‘Australian Bank Notes Tax Act’ was passed and in 1911 an Act of Parliament established the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to issue and regulate currency. There were three banknotes series during George V’s reign; the Treasury (1913 to 1923), Gold Bearing (1923 to 1933) and Legal Tender (1933 to 1938) series.

George V (Reign 1910- 1936)

George V came to the throne after the death of his father King Edward VII and married Mary of Tek who bore him six children. He was comfortable in his regal position as he had often assisted his father with his royal duties. George V was King throughout World War 1, trained as a naval officer and visited the front several times. He witnessed the Empire divide and after a reign of 26 years, died in 1936 just months after his Silver Jubilee.

Banknotes of the George V reign have earned an enviable reputation as one of the best performing assets in today’s numismatic market.

Very Rare in this Grade

Serial: U/1 703734
Cat#: R54
Grade: good Very Fine
An exceptional grade of this very rare banknote, basic colours were red/buff yellow.
Signatures: Kell/Collins. Gold Series Issue.
Circa: 1925.
Dimensions: 180 BY 78mm.

RR: $22500.00.-Source Renniks 27th Edition Banknote & Coin Catalogue. 2017. Reference: Page Number 230.

Notation: Our vendor has placed this extremely rare banknote onto the International market, through Australia’s leading on line numismatic @ The banknote has been part of a family trust since 2000.






Ten Pounds






U/1 703734