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Charles Cerutty. Circa 1918-1923

When J Collins was promoted to Secretary. Mr Cerutty was made his assistant in 1916.

In 1920 he was appointed a Director of the Note Issue Department of the Commonwealth Bank.

His signature appeared on all banknotes issued between 1918 & 1923.

History of Australian Banknotes Signatures Part 1

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Renniks Number: R3b. Code: SK Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Banknote Issue: Denomination: Ten Shilling. Signatures: Cerruty/Collins. Circa: 1918. Serial Number: N 769659M. Grade: Almost Uncirculated. The banknote features all of the attributes on a “Natural Banknote”- “curling when placed in the hand”, the natural brilliance/ brightness of the banknote, square corners, the natural raising [...]

R03b | aUNC | 1918

Renniks Number:  R67c Code: DMcP. EXTREMELY RARE FIFTY POUND-CERUTTY/COLLINS. FIRST TIME OFFERED SALE. Denomination: Fifty Pound. Signatures: Cerutty/Collins. Circa: 1914-1945. This banknote: 1918. Grade: Very Fine. RR: $87,500.00. Source: Renniks 28th Edition Banknote/Coin Catalogue 2018. Page Number 255. Historical Purchase Notation: This banknote was purchased by our Vendor in 1996. Sold by Kurt Jaggard Coins. [...]

R067c | VF | 1918
R052b | EF | 1918

King George V Cerruty/Collins D425046E

R021 | F | 1918

This is good value for a banknote of this age. King George V Cerutty/Collins Half Sovereign N 652469 C

R003b | F | 1918