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Category: Australian Commonwealth Specimen Banknotes. Historical Notation: This Extremely rare Commonwealth Bank of Australia combined with Australian Dollars and Sterling Currency. The Presentation set was issued in 1966, primarily to introduce International Banks with the focus on English banks as to what our Specimen Travellers cheques would appear. The Commonwealth Bank in 1966 was the [...]

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Renniks Number: R18a. Banknote Description: First Australian Pre Decimal One Pound Banknote. Grade: Very Fine. RR: $50,000.00. Source: Renniks 30h edition 2020. Historical Notation: This banknote is one of 20 banknotes known to exist. In this superior grade of VF less than 6 exist. As Australia’s leading International Numismatic Specialist @ I look forward [...]

R018a | VF
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Renniks Number: R05. Banknote Description: Australian Pre-Decimal Half Sovereign. Ten Shilling. Signatures: Kell/Collins. Circa: 1926. Serial Number: A/32 493654. Grade: Extra Fine. RR $6,000. Source Renniks 30th edition. 2020. Our Price: $5,000. Notation: A lovely banknote, completely square edges, minimum wear. The reverse side has both colour brilliance with clear definition. As a new posting [...]

R005 | EF | 1926
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Banknote Description: Australian Pre Federation Banknote. Bank of Issue: The Bank of Australasia. Domicile: Launceston, Tasmania. Date of Issue: 15th September 1863. Banknote Description: Very rare Printers Proof, issue on the Launceston branch of The Bank of Australasia. Very few Printers Proof’s were ever issued on Launceston. The branch survived for a few short years. [...]

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Renniks Number: R06. Banknote Description: Australian Pre-Decimal Half Sovereign. Ten Shilling. Signatures: Kell/Heathershaw. Circa : 1927. Serial Number: A/49 811969. Grade: Extra Fine.. RR $19,000. Source: Renniks 30th edition 2020. Our Price: $15,000. Notation: The Riddle/Heathershaw Ten Shilling Issue, is the rarest of all issued banknotes Circa-1923-1933. With the exception of Riddle/Sheehan. I believe in [...]

R006 | EF | 1927

Renniks Number:  R67c Code: DMcP. EXTREMELY RARE FIFTY POUND-CERUTTY/COLLINS. FIRST TIME OFFERED SALE. Denomination: Fifty Pound. Signatures: Cerutty/Collins. Circa: 1914-1945. This banknote: 1918. Grade: Very Fine. RR: $87,500.00. Source: Renniks 28th Edition Banknote/Coin Catalogue 2018. Page Number 255. Historical Purchase Notation: This banknote was purchased by our Vendor in 1996. Sold by Kurt Jaggard Coins. [...]

R067c | VF | 1918
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Reference: Renniks Page 187-2018 Banknote& Coin Catalogue. Code: TH. Banknote Description:   Hay Internment Camp. Denomination: Six Pence. Circa: 1941. Grade: Extra Fine. Serial Number:  C 40692.  Best described as extremely rare RR: $12.000.00.  Source Renniks 28th edition Banknote & Coin Catalogue 2018. Historical Notation: In July 1941 some 2500+ “enemy aliens”, including political internees were [...]

EF | 1941

Australian Pre Decimal Banknote 1932 George V Riddle / Sheehan One Pound Note – Think Signature Serial: K/92 578 583 Grade: about Uncirculated / Uncirculated Rare in this Grade Renniks: R27b Code: BT

R027b | aUnc to Unc | 1932
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A Basic Introduction to an Employee Banknote Presentation Set Circa 1988. On the finalisation of all banknote designs, production and release to the Australian public, a certain number of Specimen banknotes were set aside for presentation to public dignitaries, the Royal family and designated member of the Australian public. This tradition commenced with the introduction [...]

Unc | 1988
R052b | EF | 1918
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Ten Shilling Banknote, accompanied with original letter from G.T. Allen Secretary to the Treasury, dated  the 5th July 1913.