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Ten Shilling Banknotes King George V. circa 1913-1936

Australian currency began in 1913 two years after Federation, with the introduction of the Ten Shilling or Half Sovereign as it was then commonly known.

During this period of 26 years The Commonwealth of Australia had seven signature combinations from our first signature combination of Collins/Allen in 1913, with the last signature combination of Riddle/Sheehan in 1936.

During this period of paper currency manufacture and distribution under the auspice’ of The Commonwealth Bank of Australia 350 million banknotes were distributed to a then population of only seven million people.

The first issued banknote of a Ten Shilling signed by Collins/Allen with the serial number M000001 in Uncirculated condition was sold by means of private treaty auction, the highest tendered offer was accepted of $760.000.00. In July 2014.