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Australian Five Pound Banknotes – King George V circa 1913 – 1933

Australian Five Pound were introduced in 1913, with the signature combination of Collins/Allen, there were many variations including black/blue printing colours in the case of Riddle/Sheehan and Collins/Allen, first and last prefix and suffix numbers, the first released banknotes in 1913 were one of the largest banknotes released in Australia measuring 167X105MM, the same size as Australian Pre Federation General Issue(in circulation) circa 1823-1910 were.

The last release prior to KGV death and withdrawal of these banknotes was the Riddle/Sheehan Five Pound which featured both white and pink cross hatching, commonly known as “the white and pink faces”.

36 %
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$7,000.00 $4,500.00

Renniks Number: R36bL. Code: SK Banknote Description:  Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. Denomination: Five Pound. Signatures: Collins/Allen. Serial Number: V4 90076. Last Prefix Banknote – Rare as such. Circa: 1916. Grade: Fine. RR: $7000.00. Superior quality George V banknotes are one of the strongest performing areas of the entire Australian banknote series, regularly achieving well above [...]

R036bL | Fine | 1916
33 %
Save $10,000.00
$30,000.00 $20,000.00

Renniks Number: R41f. Code: MW. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. Denomination: Five Pound. Signatures: Riddle/Heathershaw. Circa: 1927. Signatures: Riddle/Heathershaw.     Serial Number: Q/11 307515. First Prefix. Note Issue Department. Grade: Very Fine. RR: $30,000. Sale Price: $20,000. Save: $10,000. Historical Notation: Within the printing cycle of the signatures Riddle/Heathershaw. There was an alteration made, although [...]

R041F | VF | 1927
29 %
Save $500.00
$1,750.00 $1,250.00

Renniks Number: R47. Code: DRBR9009 Banknote Description:   Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. Denomination:  Five Pound. Signatures: Coombs/Watt. Circa 1949. Serial Number: R/96 601613. Grade: aUncirculated. RR: $1750.00. Source: Renniks 28th Edition 2018

R047 | aUNC | 1949
33 %
Save $2,000.00
$6,000.00 $4,000.00

Renniks: R42. CODE: SK. Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. Denomination: Riddle/Heathershaw. Circa: 1927. Serial Number: Q18 821755. Grade: Extra Fine.Banknote description, a natural banknote, perfect in Extra Fine, square edges, as original as the day it last circulated. A collectors dream. RR: $6000.00. Australian Type One Specimen Banknote. Renniks 28th Page Number: 245

R042 | EF | 1927
40 %
Save $4,000.00
$10,000.00 $6,000.00

King George V Riddle/Sheehan Q28 704853 Commonwealth Bank

R043 | VF | 1932

Five Pounds Riddle/Heathershaw. A beautiful and rare banknote. King George V Riddle/Heathershaw Q20295496

R042 | EF | 1927

King George V Riddle/Heathershaw Q21979536

R042 | VF | 1927

There are two small tears on the bottom of this banknote. The discount price reflects this minor damage. King George V Kell/Collins QO965344 Circa: 1924 Grade: VF Denomination: 5 pounds

R038a | VF | 1924