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Renniks: R42. CODE: SK. Australian Pre Decimal Banknote. Denomination: Riddle/Heathershaw. Circa: 1927. Serial Number: Q18 821755. Grade: Extra Fine.Banknote description, a natural banknote, perfect in Extra Fine, square edges, as original as the day it last circulated. A collectors dream. RR: $6000.00. Australian Type One Specimen Banknote. Renniks 28th Page Number: 245

R042 | EF | 1927

Five Pounds Riddle/Heathershaw. A beautiful and rare banknote. King George V Riddle/Heathershaw Q20295496

R042 | EF | 1927
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King George V Riddle/Heathershaw Q21979536

R042 | VF | 1927