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Renniks Number: R 17s. Code: TRN. Banknote Description:   Australian Pre Decimal Star* Banknote Replacement’s. Denomination: Ten Shilling. Signatures: Coombs/Wilson. Circa: 1961.         Reserve Bank of Australia. Serial Numbers:    AE99/66414. AE99/66415. AE99/664416. Notation: A set of  three(3) consecutive numbers. Described as Extremely Rare. Grade: Very Fine. Dimensions of these banknotes are exactly in line with Renniks [...]

R017s | VF | 1961
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Renniks Number: R17s. Code: TRN. Banknote Description: Australian Pre Decimal Star* Banknote Replacement. Signatures: Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank. 1961. Grade: Very Fine. Description: A good clean banknote, good toning. Serial Number: AE94 72842* RR: $1900.00. Source: Renniks 29th edition 2019. Featuring Matthew Flinders and Parliament House in Canberra

R017s | VF | 1961

King George VI Coombs/Wilson star note AG5075705*

R017s | aUNC | 1961