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Why Rare Australian Banknotes make Good Investing Sense
According to a published survey conducted by Access Economics broadcast on The Money Show (Channel 9), rare Australian banknotes continue to hold the position as Australia’s No.1 investment over 11 consecutive years.

Profitability: An Access Economics report on the 10 best investments in Australia (“The Money Show”) found rare Australian banknotes the No.1 investment over a 10 year period. Higher than vintage wines, thoroughbred horses, national and international shares, the mean annual net capital return on rare Australian banknotes generally exceeded 15% per annum!

Rarity: Production of pre-decimal notes stopped 30 years ago, and in 1996, paper currency production ceased forever.

Beauty: Take a look at an early £10 or half-sovereign note you will not see a more charming illustration of a piece of our heritage.

History: the history of banknotes chronicles the history of Australia itself and you can hold a piece of that history in your hand.

Affordability: Some people think that you have to be rich to buy a banknote, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Right Note can commence an investment portfolio for you from as little as $500.00.

Availability: You can search far and wide for really special banknotes; however at The Right Note we have the best and most desirable banknotes in Australia today. Indeed, the Right Note was established because we recognized that successful investing depends on the ability to locate banknotes with the most potential, at the right price.

Making the right investment choice has never been easier

  • There are many investment choices available these days and playing the stock market is time consuming and sometimes expensive. For many first time stock market investors the experience can seem like a frightening gamble with high expectations of ending in disappointment or a less than anticipated return.
  • Rare Australian banknotes have consistently exceeded general market performance of all other types of investment over the many years.
  • We all know that most genuine antiques increase in value and that is exactly what rare Australian banknotes are currently doing.
  • The Right Note will assist you in every way to understand the inherent value and intrinsic beauty of rare Australian banknotes and banknote sets making your investment choice simple.
  • The Right Note are able to tailor a specific investment portfolio to meet your own specific financial budget. You will benefit from our years of experience in rare banknote investing related to accounting, superannuation and all market aspects. Through our expertise we will develop your investment portfolio to average annual capital returns well in excess of any other investment available in Australia today (mean average 15% per annum). You will soon understand why The Right Note have so many satisfied clients in Australia, Asia and North America.
  • At The Right Note we understand that your time is precious and will be happy to visit with you obligation free. You’ll enjoy our no pressure consultative approach and we’ll be more than happy to provide a FREE up-to-date valuation of any banknotes you may already have.
  • For international clients you should be aware of our very successful e-commerce business.
  • For first time investors in investment quality banknotes we give you our assurance that rare banknotes are simple to understand, historically interesting and investing is easy to follow. Once you have invested in a quality banknote or collection with us our service doesn’t simply end there. We provide a continual bank-up to all our investors free of charge. This includes understanding the history, the art of grading, annual investment newsletters and for those clients dealing through superannuation funds we also provide an end of financial year capital return analysis of your investment with our compliments.
  • You are welcome to call in and visit our Sydney offices located in the lovely 100 year old Cliveden building at suite 304, No.4 Bridge Street in the central CBD. Please note that visits to our offices are by appointment only.
  • Rare Australian banknotes can be a hobby or a lifestyle. To invest in a piece of our past with returns into the future is only a phone call away. You can speak with our Australian director Mr. Richard E Fahy on (61 2) 9251 1288.

Our charter is to provide investors and collectors with the very best quality range of rare Australian banknotes. This is our guarantee to you

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