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Union Bank Five Pound Adelaide

$6,500.00 $350.00

Uniface Printer’s Proof


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Reference: MVR2c.         Page 175 Renniks 25th edition Banknote/Coin Catalogue 2014.

Code: AV-081506

Australian Pre Federation Banknote.

Bank: The Union Bank.                  Denomination: Five Pound. Uniface Printers Proof.         Domicile: Adelaide.         Circa: 1881..                Grade: aUncirculated.

This banknote, is a remainder, that is it has been cancelled by The Union Bank as was their practise of cutting 10% from the bottom of all specimens & printers proof’s.

Therefore described as a “cancelled printers proof”. The RR of a complete printers proof is $8600.00. (Refer Renniks).

Sale Price: $1950.00.          For a cut/cancelled banknote is a rare opportunity for a collector to own a wonderful piece of Australian history.