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MVR2b | 1874 | aUNC

Union Bank Adelaide Five Pound 1874 Specimen

$24,000.00 $750.00


SKU: UB MVR2b BJA 5P Adelaide 1874 Category: Product Categories Pre-Federation Notes On Sale

Bank: The Union Bank of Australasia.
Denomination: Five Pound.
Domicile: Adelaide.
Year of Issue: 1874.
Grade: aUncirculated.
Banknote Description: Uniface B&W Specimen.

RR: $24000.00. Source Renniks 25th edition Banknote/Coin Catalogue 2014. Page 175. MVR2b.
Historical Notation: This banknote was printed by Perkins Bacon, for issue in Adelaide, after this date all specimens & printers proofs were issued on from Sydney or Melbourne. A banknote in lovely condition there no faults within the banknote, reverse printing can be seen on the obverse side.

Sale Price: $750

Historical information can be viewed @ Renniks 25th edition Banknote/Coin Catalogue 2014. Page 175 MVR2b. In addition to Banks of Issue a complete glossary of the history of Australian Pre Federation Banknotes-author M Vort Ronald @ home page-Books for Sale Price $65.00. while stocks last.

Reference: MVR2b.
Code: bja.