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MVR2b | 186- | Unc

Fifty Pound Printers Proof 186-

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Bank: The Union Bank of Australia Limited.

Denomination: Fifty Pound Printers Proof.

Domicile: Sydney.

Year of Issue: 186-

Banknote Type: Black & White Uniface Printers Proof. Mounted on board, the reverse side being Uncirculated in pristine condition, the overall grade of this banknote is graded at : almost Uncirculated/Uncirculated. As Australian pre federation banknotes, continue to grow steadily in value over 2016, this type of banknote being a cut/cancelled banknote in a superior grade of almost Uncirculated, have been offered for sale over the previous 4 years. The abundance of such banknotes is slowly disappearing with estimates at current auctions, far surpassing our discounted sales price, this will be a wonderful addition to a collector’s portfolio.


Price Summary: The value of this very rare banknote lies within the facts of the very high denomination of Fifty Pound, the superior grade of aUnc/Unc the reverse side being faultless. The underlying host banknote, shows no signs of the backing board being mounted after the banknote was placed into The Union Bank archives in 1871.

Further reference materials can be viewed @ Renniks 26th edition Coin/Banknote Catalogue 2016. Page number 189 MVR2b. This book can be purchased @ under Books for Sale at a great discount.

Reference: MVR2b.

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Fifty Pounds