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1966-1968 | Unc | 178/800

Australian 25th Anniversary of Decimal Currency-Rare Collector Edition Banknote Set

$6,250.00 $5,000.00


SKU: DW-178/800-Unc-25thAnniv Category: Product Categories Australian Banknote Sets

Note Printing Australia and the Reserve Bank of Australia as printer and issuer respectively of Australia’s currency banknotes, “release this rare collector edition to commemorate the 25th anniversary of decimal currency”. This unique album is one of 800 produced and each banknote individually numbered.

This beautifully presented set contains 4 decimal banknotes these being the 4 banknotes issued in 1966-1968 & the 4 pre decimal banknotes they replaced. The total set comprises 8 banknotes with all having the last 3 serial numbers in common.

Of the pre-decimal banknotes, the Ten Shilling and Five Pound denominations have fully matching serial numbers.

The 4 decimal banknotes have fully matching serial numbers-all under No. 001000.

This set number is 178/800. As a completed set all banknotes are Uncirculated.

RR: $6250.00. Source Renniks 27th edition Coin & Catalogue 2017.

Historical Notation: During the early part of the 21st Century when the total sum of the parts, exceeded the value of the set, many of the original 800 sets were broken down, to sell individual banknotes. The few remaining set’s continue to increase in value.