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Promissory Note. Year of Issue: 1914. Grade: Almost Uncirculated.

aUNC | 1914

Code: RF – 081502. Bank: The Colonial Bank of Australasia Ltd.           Type: Bankers Cheque. Circa: 1919.         Cheque Number: 008,750.                Cashed: 31st March 1919. Offered as a curiosity. Sale Price: $55.00. Historical notation,, this bankers cheque was drawn on The Colonial Bank of Australasia Ltd established in Melbourne in 1853 this bankers cheque is in wonderful [...]

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Reference: Australian Promissory Notes and I O U s’ Promissory Note. Merchant: M Goulston Master Tailor. Queen Victoria Building George St. Sydney. Denomination: One Hundred Pound. Serial Number: 485142. Circa: 1880. Grade: Very Fine Historical Notation: The promissory notes was issued by M Goulston Master Tailor to the value of 100 Pound for the making [...]

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Reference: Hudson’s Federal Hotel. Urandangie, Queensland, 192- Denomination: Ten Shilling (10/-) Grade: aUnc. Code: MGQ. This exact note serial number 507 was sold at Nobles auction in 1998 for $560.00. allowing simply for inflation over 15 years, & the rarity of the shinplaster the sale price, is offered, no reasonable offer will be refused for [...]

aUNC | 192-