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All new additions to New Zealand Pre Federation banknotes


Banknote Description: The Bank of New South Wales Multi Coloured Specimen. Denomination: Five Pound. Domicile:  Dunedin. New Zealand.  Circa: 18– Grade: almost Uncirculated(with Counterfoil)  

aUNC | 18--

Banknote Description. The National Bank of New Zealand Limited Uniface Specimen. Denomination: Ten Pound. Domicile:   Auckland. New Zealand. Circa: 1872. Grade: almost Uncirculated.  

aUNC | 1872

Banknote Description.  The Bank of New Zealand Multi Coloured Specimen.  Denomination:   Five Pound.  Domicile:  Wellington. New Zealand.   Circa: 1911. Grade: almost Uncirculated.  

aUNC | 1911