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Australian Ten Pound Banknotes – King George V – circa 1913-1934

The introduction of the Ten Pound when released in 1913 with the signature combination of Collins/Allen, was a milestone in our currency history, during this time Ten Pound could secure you, prime real estate in the newly established suburbs of Sydney, with a little change. There were only seven signatures issued, as Ten Pound represented a considerable amount of money with only 8.5 million printed and circulated over a period of 21 years.

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V/10 591911/12/13/14/15

R059a | aUNC | 1942
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An exceptional grade of this very rare banknote.

R055 | aUNC | 1925
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Australian Pre Decimal banknotes of this era in premium quality grades are very scarce and highly prized for their investment potential. George V’s reign represented a significant time in Australia’s currency history. In 1923 he became the first monarch to feature on Australia’s Commonwealth banknote issues. Before 1910, banknotes were issued by private banks and [...]

R054 | gVF | 1925