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Renniks Number: R612. Code: TRN. Category: Error Banknotes. Banknote Description: Australian Paper Banknote Issue. Denomination: One Hundred Dollars. Signatures: Fraser/Higgins. Circa: 1990. Error: Background Print Missing One Side (Reverse). Grade: Uncirculated. RR: $2500.00. Source: Renniks 30th Edition 2020. Our Price: $1950.00. Notation: Usual printing faults in $100.00. paper issues, are confined creases, flaps. A must for [...]

R612 | Unc | 1990
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Renniks Number: R406a Code: TRN  Error Banknote Missing one Serial Number: Bottom right side Banknote Description: Australian Decimal Paper Banknote Issue Signatures: Knight/Wheeler Circa 1976 Serial Number:  XRF 837700 Grade: Extra Fine RR: $450.00. With missing right serial number

R406a | EF | 1976

Reference: Renniks 412. Banknote Category: Error Banknote. Denomination: Twenty Dollars. Signatures: Fraser/Higgins. Serial Number: RGC 527594. Grade: FCU-Flat crisp Uncirculated. Banknote Description: Missing the printing phase Simultan on the reverse side. Notation: The rarity of this banknote lies with this superior grade of FCU, in 23 years of trading, this is the first of this [...]

R412 | Unc
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Code: TRN. Reference: Renniks- R 406b. Banknote Description: Australian Decimal Paper banknote issue. Signatures: Knight/Wheeler. Serial Number: XRF 837700. Missing right serial number. Grade: Extra Fine. RR: $550.00. Source Renniks Banknote/Coin Catalogue. 2018.  

R406b | EF

Decimal Paper Fraser/Cole Error Note RZE948110

R413 | EF | 1991

Decimal Paper Johnston/Fraser Error Note VXQ221583

R409a | EF | 1985