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SP18 | Unc
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Renniks Number: R202. Code: BP. Banknote Denomination: Five Dollar. Signatures: Coombs/Randall. Circa: 1968. Grade: Very Fine. Serial Number: Various

VF | 1968
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Renniks Number: R216. Code: BP9002. Denomination: Five Dollars. Signatures: Fraser/Evans. Circa: 1995. Serial Numbers:  DC93 460056/57. Banknote Description: Fraser/Evans normal prefix 1993. Old colour        Medium to dark green serial numbers Grade: FCU. Flat crisp Uncirculated. RR: $150.00.  Source: Renniks 28th edition 2018. Available only as singles or pairs, due to limited stock.

R216 | FCU | 1995
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Renniks: R203. Code: BP9002. Banknote Description. Five Dollar Paper Issue. Signatures: Phillips/Randall. Commonwealth of Australia. Circa: 1968. Grades: Very Fine. Serial Numbers: Various. Grades range from Very Fine to Good Very fine. Higher graded banknotes will be shipped in order sequence. RR: $70.00. Source Renniks 28th edition 2018. Sale Price: $30.00. Stocks are limited. Please [...]

R203 | VF | 1968
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Renniks Number: SP03. CODE: SK. Australian Type One Specimen Banknote. Denomination: Five Dollars. Signatures: Coombs/Randall. Circa: 1968. Serial Number: NAA 000 000. Grade: Uncirculated. RR: $7150.00.  source: Renniks 28th edition 2018.

SP003 | Unc | 1968
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Rare Australian Collection Set

Unc | 1966-1996

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Unc | 2016

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Unc | 2016
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Reference: R213l. Banknote Description:   Five Dollar. Last Paper Issue-Last Prefix. Serial Number: QPG 678661. Grade: Uncirculated. Circa: 1991. Combine this last prefix-last paper issue with a first prefix-first issue polymer issue AA 00 Fraser/Cole on sale @ under polymer banknotes for sale.

R213L | Unc | 1991
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Reference: R218a. Banknote Description:  Five Dollar. Polymer banknote issues, matching pair. Serial Number: Various. Grade: Uncirculated. Circa 1993. Notation: The general issued banknote is more valuable than the first prefix BA96. The Reserve Bank focused in the early 1990’s on the over production of 1995, with less numbers of 1996 being produced, these type banknotes [...]

R218a | Unc | 1993
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  Reference:  Collector Sets. Code: TRN. Banknote Description: A vertical pair. Signatures: Fraser/Cole. Circa: 1992. Serial Numbers:  XXV 008104/008604. Issued: Adelaide Coin Fair. All such issues are now best described as rare, rarely coming onto the market.

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Reference: TRN Special Sets. 1990. Code: TRN. Banknote Description:   Uncut Collector Issues-NPA. Uncut block of four banknotes. Signatures: Fraser/Higgins. Circa: 1990. Grade: Uncirculated. Serial Numbers: QDF(FIRST PREFIX)/QDG/QDQ/QDR- 000587. The release price for this set was $50.00, careful scrutiny is always recommended to my clients, as we do research the first prefix number QDF, alone has [...]

Unc | 1990
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Reference: Collector Sets only. Code: TRN. Banknote Description.  Five Dollar. Fraser/Cole. Circa 1992. Issued @ The Melbourne Coin Fair. XXV  002841/006841.  

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Reference: R 205. Code: TRN. Banknote Description:   Five Dollar. Signatures: Phillips/Wheeler. Issue: Australia Circa 1974. Serial Number:  NPT967204 Grade: FCU. The first five dollar the then Prime Minister ,Mr GC Whitlam  a devout republican to remove all mention of Australian Commonwealth from banknotes & coins to “Australia” , this was a very unpopular move in [...]

R205 | FCU | 1974
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Reference: R204 Code: TRN. Banknote Description:  Australian Commonwealth Banknote Issue: Five Dollar Phillips/Wheeler. Circa 1972. Serial Numbers:  NJU 813917/918. Grade: FCU-Uncirculated.  

R204 | FCU | 1972
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Renniks: R202sf Code: SK. Banknote Description:   Australian Decimal Star* Banknote Replacement Denomination: Five Dollar: Coombs/Randall. Serial Number: ZNA 28480*         First Prefix. Grade: Good Extra Fine. Holding the banknote in the palm of your hand, the banknote will naturally fold. No matter which you way you hold the banknote. A sure sign of a natural banknote. [...]

R072sf | gEF
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Renniks: R203sf. Code: SK. Banknote Description:   Australian Decimal Star* Banknote Replacement. Denomination: Five Dollar. Phillips/Randall.. Serial Number: ZNC 66229*         First Prefix. Grade: Good Extra Fine. Rarely does any first prefix appear with Phillips/Randall 1968 series. TRN have graded this banknote as gEF. Meaning the banknote has maintained both sheen with full paper [...]

R072sf | gEF
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Five Dollar Polymer Banknote Issue. Signatures: McFarlane/Evans. Serial Numbers: HB97988180/81. LAST PREFIX 0f 1997 Grade: Uncirculated. Notation: One pair only in stock. First to see will buy. One of the highest appreciating polymer banknotes, showing annual capital growth of 11.5% since the introduction of 1997. Decimal Polymer HB97 McFarlane/Evans HB 979880/81 Last prefix 1997 Pair [...]

R218bL | Unc | 1997

This Australian Decimal Banknotes set comprises all banknotes from the One Dollar to Twenty Dollars. These banknotes can be purchased as a set or individually. Star Notes. R073s One Dollar. Phillips/Randall Serial Number: ZAK 50996* Grade: Uncirculated R083s Two Dollars Phillips/Randall Serial Number: ZFQ 96738* Grade: Uncirculated *First Prefix R203s. Five Dollars. Phillips/Randall. Serial Number: [...]

EF-Unc | 1968