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Australian Decimal Banknotes – An opening of a new Era of Australian Currency

International Numismatic Newsletter June 2016 Welcome to our Newsletter for June 2016 from Australia’s leading International online Numismatic Dealer @ This is my personal overview on the introduction of all new designs of Australian currency. The Right Note have established our international credentials over 21 years, with an available online audience, that has placed […]

The Valuation of your Rare Australian Banknote and Coin Portfolios

Subject: Arcabi Pty Ltd-Trading As-The Rare Coin Company (In Liquidation). John Pettit Pty Ltd (Voluntary Administration- DOCA*) *Document of Company Arrangement. Prepared By: R.E. Fahy Pty Ltd Trading as the Right Note (Established 1995) As a new client of The Right Note, we have written this article for the information of customers of the two […]

Revised Annual Capital Return Analysis January 2013

Over the past 12 months there has been a long and well overdue “Market Correction” in banknote values. Some investors and collectors are taking a dim view of these price drops when comparing my last analysis in October 2012 to this one in January 2013. Astute dealers, investors and collectors who are in for the […]

Annual Capital Return Analysis January 2013

Decimal Star Notes One Dollar FirstValue Year SecondValue Year Rate Rennicks $1.00.Coombs/Wilson.UNC. 35 1977 3750 2013 13.86% R71s* $1.00. Coombs/Randall.UNC. 50 1977 11000 2013 16.16% R72s* $1.00.Phillips/Randall. UNC. 30 1977 3950 2013 14.52% R73s* Two Dollar FirstValue Year SecondValue Year Rate Rennicks $2.00. Coombs/Wilson. UNC. 30 1977 2850 2013 13.48% R81s* $2.00. Coombs/Randall. UNC. 35 […]


This is your opportunity to share in one of Australia’s best high return investments It’s Your Future – It’s Your Money – So Make It work Why Rare Australian Banknotes make Good Investing Sense According to a published survey conducted by Access Economics broadcast on The Money Show (Channel 9), rare Australian banknotes continue to […]

Australian Polymer Banknote Investing

From The Desk of R.E. Fahy. (Original article from 1st June 2007 Reposted May 2012) Attention all Banknote Investors and Collectors Australian Polymer Banknote Investing Australian banknotes have, over the period of 1994 to 2003, shown an average annual capital return of 15%-20%. Depending on the type of banknote this growth rate demonstrates once again […]

Great News for Rare Australian Banknotes

Australian Banknotes No.l  Again !! The bar graph clearly shows how Australian Banknotes were once again the NUMBER ONE investment in Australia for a 10 year period up to December 2001. Source – Access Economics Pty Ltd & The Sydney Sun Herald 28th July 2002. Australian Banknotes outperformed all other segments of the Australian investment […]

The Real Performance of Australian Banknotes vs Australian Super Annuation for 2008-2010

Is your standard super investment fund really worth the wait ? Dear Client, Further to the release of the latest survey for “Australia’s best investments© for 15 years up to 2010 (the latest survey) Australian banknotes were once again placed as Australia’s number one investment!!! It is

Full Uncirculated Australian Pre-decimal Banknote set – Queen Elizabeth

Circa 1954-1966 The Right Note are fortunate enough to have recently purchased 20 full sets of Uncirculated & aUncirculated banknotes from the Queen Elizabeth II era of pre decimal banknotes. All signatures are Coombs/Wilson, comprising 2 x Ten Shilling 3 x One Pound 2 x Five Pound 2 x Ten