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The First Paper Notes


$1 The Queen of England and the Commonwealth, Elizabeth 11, was featured on the first $ 1 paper bill; the Australian Coat of Arms is in the background. (1966‑ 74 paper) $1 obverse Features an Aboriginal design adapted from bark paintings and cave paintings from Arnhem Land.



$2 Pastoralist John Charles Macarthur. Features a merino ram and woven woollen material. (1966‑ 74 paper 1974‑88 polymer) $2 obverse Agriculturalist William James Farrer. Features cars of Federation wheat.



$5 Botanist Sir Joseph Banks. Features botanical sketches of native Australian fauna. (1966‑74 paper, 1974‑92 polymer, designed by Gordon Andrews) $5 obverse Philanthropist Caroline Chisholm. Features the Sydney, Rocks area, a migrant ship and faces of the girls Chisholm sought to serve.


$10 Emancipist architect Francis Greenway. Features detail of buildings designed by Greenway in Sydney, Parramatta and Windsor, New South Wales. (1966‑ 74 paper 1974‑93 polymer) $10 obverse Journalist, author. republican and poet Henry Lawson. Features details of images from the Holtermann Collection of photographs of the Hill End and Gulgong goldfields. New South Wales.


$20 Aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. Features propeller movements. (1906‑ 74 paper 1974‑94 polymer) $20 obverse Inventor Lawrence Hargrave. Features designs for box kites and flying machines.


$50 Medical researcher Howard Florey. Features petrie dishes with Penicillium notatum bacteria. (1974‑95 paper) $50 obverse Veterinarian, parasitologist, scientific researcher and administrator Sir lan Clunies‑Ross.
Features Parkes radio telescope.


$10 Bicentennial commemorative issue Features Captain James Cook’s bark HMS Endeavour and images of Australian exploration and migration in the nineteenth century An image of Cook is set in the hologram. (1988 polymer) Obverse ‑ This controversial design was withdrawn following a dispute over the rights to reproduce images from traditional Aboriginal culture. It shows a min min figure, a decorative corroboree stick and traditional tribal body painting.


$100 ‑Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson. Features the Mertz glacier tongue. (1996 paper) $100 obverse ‑Astronomer John Tebbutt. Features the observatory and library Tebbutt built at Peninsula House, Windsor, New South Wales.