1913 Collins Allen Ten Shilling Note

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Partial Transcript:

Hand printed by the daughter then Governor General in 1913 the rare Collins Allen ten shilling note is now valued at between one and three point nine million dollars with no official bids however for the long duration of the sale the seller is seriously considering offers closer to one million After being recovered by the Denims family in 1999 the note sold for one million in two thousand and again for one point nine million in 2008 and to a leading bank note dealer. In 2011 the company went into voluntary administration and the sale of the note is being overseen by administrators McGrath Nicol and sold through Melbourne broker Coin Works Belinda Downy the managing director of Coin Works says it’s an important and unique part of Australian history that should stay close to home. She says the story behind the note is that Prime Minister Andrew Fisher wanted a fair Australian economy.